In Between

Sculpture by Elena Scheicher, Berlin 2017

This mountain chain is located between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The city Dschalalalabad, near Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, liesat the foot of the mountain range. Since 2004, it is one of the cities most affected by terrorist attacks, worldwide. Between 2014-2015 there have been 1708 attacks, which led to 5292 fatalities. In June 2017, the United States of America tested their “mother bomb” in the nearby city Achin. Even though the number of civilians being killed during the assault surpassedthe number of killed fighters of the Islamic State (IS), Donald Trump called it a “successful mission”. Light emerge in the installation in reaction to sounds – In remembrance of all those, who are not heard. The louder we are the less we listen. We are living in between worlds, countries, wars, fights and politics. We are alright because we are in between.